Friday, November 22, 2013

Contact information for turkeys, 513-724-3313  or

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 Home Grown, antibiotic free, fresh turkeys

So its time to talk turkey again. I have a few pics to share but these birds are the same type we did the first year. The traditional large white bird that everyone associates with Thanksgiving. We  got these birds in early July then ordered a second batch the last week of July.  These birds will dress out in the 15-30 pound range. They are again free range and also fed an antibiotic free,  flock building, feed. They consume massive amounts of food and produce equal amounts of waste. They have culled the herd themselves by victimization of any bird that appeared weak. So that's a whole other post about the social order and behaviors of turkeys. And what do we care, our plan EAT THEM.
At this point they are full grown and will be ready the week of Thanksgiving to be picked up. We have begun taking orders and when they are spoken for that is it for this year. They will be selling for $3.00 per pound, which seems high if your used to the store bought frozen chemically enhanced birds, but very reasonable for a fresh not frozen, humanely raised, anti-biotic free, chemical free bird. You will need to pick up your bird Monday evening, Tuesday or Wednesday any time all day at our home. For directions or to reserve your bird call 513-724-3313, leave a message if no one is home. Or email me at

Traditional Large Breasted Whites 2013

The birds we had last year 2012 were heritage breed (below) while they were tasty, and gentle they were also small. Not so this year. So one bird this year should fill your table with much bounty.
Heritage Breed Turkeys from 2012