Thursday, November 20, 2014

2014 Turkey Updates

Well here we are approaching Thanksgiving and I have posted nothing on this site since the 2013 turkey entries. This year we have 18 birds, we are down to 4 not yet spoken for. So thanks to all of our loyal customers/friends. The plan is to butcher on Monday November 24th of Thanksgiving week, meaning that birds can be picked up any day that week including Monday. If you decide to come on Monday make it after 5 so we have time to get back from Adams county with the butchered birds. Rest of the week someone will be here anytime to deal with birds. We have done our best this year to stay with a GMO free and organic feed regimen it has not been easy. Last month feed became more difficult to get and we are going through 50 pounds every 48 hours. There is also a lot of waste in the GMO free feeds since they are a mix of grains and they are also very powdery, much simply lands on the ground and is not eaten. We made the decision to go to pellets which are not GMO/organic because we could not get enough feed to keep our birds well fed. Not what we wanted after putting in the extra money and efforts to remain organic/GMO free. So for the first through 14 weeks they were free of GMO's and organic, no antibiotics or feed enhancements. Weeks 14-20 we had some mixed feeds still no antibiotics, or feed enhancements, but mixed organic/GMO free and non. They are much better dispositioned animals than last years aggressive group. They where acquired locally which may also of helped.   If you still are in need of a bird let me know ASAP. When they are gone they are gone. They are still 3 dollars a pound dressed out, we estimate 10-18 pound birds but that is just a guess. The Mount Healthy Hatchery describes as follows:
 Mamouth Bronze TurkeysOur Bronzes are outstanding examples of this breed. Handsome, colorful birds that attract attention whenever seen. Hens average 18 to 20 lbs. and toms average 30 lbs.